Studio Construction

Here are some pictures of the studio construction. More will be added soon.


Control Room Acoustical treatment. 


The Control Room front and rear rear walls are 3 to 5 feet deep and filled with Bass Hangers, The Ceiling is 3 to 4 feet deep and is also filled with Bass Hangers. The Side Walls are 1 foot deep and filled with Rockwool and Fiberglass with an air space in the middle. 


The front wall of the Control Room is Built with Double Wall Construction. The first Wall is 6″ of solid concrete, then a 10″ airspace filled with insulation, then a wood framed wall with 1/2 drywall 1/4″ Fiber Cement Board.  The Window is a Double Glass construction, using two sheets of 1/2″ Glass.  The Main Monitors are suspended with cables and dont touch any part of the wall.