About The Studio


Inspiration Studio is a 1600 square foot full service recording studio designed and built by Steve Perkins from the ground up to provide great acoustics for tracking and mixing.


The layout of the studio makes recording easy, creative and fun.


My desire is to get the best audio quality possible in a comfortable and inspirational place for you to make your music.


The Live Room is designed to record a band or group of musicians all playing at the same time, to capture that ‘Live Feel’ you can only get from a live performance.


The Control Room is designed for accurate monitoring while mixing and tracking.


The center of the studio is an analog 52 channel D&R Octagon Mixing Console with Dynamics on every channel and Moving Fader Automation, also great sounding analog Equalizers on every channel.


This console is clean sounding with that ‘Analog’ feel and sound.

It has amazing routing possibilities and makes tracking and mixing easy and creative.


  • We have a large selection of microphones to capture your performance 

  • Our Outboard Gear and Microphone Collection is growing all the time

  • We have some great sounding analog Keyboards, Synths and Samplers


With over 30 years of recording and mixing experience we can help you to achieve your goals


If you have any questions please contact Steve Perkins to talk about your project



 Control Room



Our large Control Room is great for mixing and large enough for a few musicians during tracking or overdubbing.


The Control Room is wired with Tie Lines to other rooms in the studio.  This allows you to have your amplifiers in another room while your playing in the live room or control room.


Our tuned Control Room is designed from the ground up to translate the exact sound coming from the speakers. This gives you a accurate representation of what your recording or mix sounds like.


For more information on the acoustic treatment please see this page.

What’s Behind the Walls


Control Room: 

Ceiling Height 15 ft or 4.5 meters 

Width  21 ft or 6.5 meters

Length 28 ft or 8.5 meters

(measurements before acoustical treatment)



Live Room


The recording room is designed to have a ‘Live’ sound that is great for recording Drums, Vocals, and Acoustic instruments.


It is also designed for tracking a whole band live to get that ‘feel’ you can only get when a band is playing together. There is also an Isolation room large enough for a drum set that is good for a tighter dry sound.


There are many options here to tailor your sound depending on your needs and the sound you are after.


The Live Room has 32  Mic / Tie Lines to the Console patch bays and Tie Lines to other rooms in the studio, so you can have your amplifiers isolated while tracking.

There are 4 separate Cue Headphone mixes


Live Room:

Ceiling Height 15 ft or 4.5 meters 

Width 23 ft. or 7 meters

Length 32 ft. or 10 meters

(measurements before acoustical treatment)



Recording Equipment



Analog Console:

52 channel 104 input D&R Octagon

Dynamics on every channel, Moving Fader Automation, great sounding Equalizers, endless routing possibilities and can mix up to 7.2 Surround



Pro Tools 10 HD 2

32 A-D Inputs and 48 D-A outputs


Pro Tools Rig:

Power Mac 6 core 3.46GHz Xeon 6-Core Westmere

32 Gigs Ram



3 Digidesign 192

1 Digidesign 888 24

1 Sync I/O


Main Monitors:

JBL 4435

Crown K2

QSC 1400

Ashly Crossover

18″ Custom built Sub-woofer

1000 watt Sub amp and crossover



Yamaha NS10s

Adcom GFA 545


Our monitoring system is tuned to our control room to make your recordings and mixes translate well to other systems in the outside world. It translates well at low volumes and of coarse sounds great cranked up !