Online Mixing

Online Mixing Inspiration Recording Studio

Analog Mixing Console
Tuned Control Room and Monitors


Have your songs mixed in a pro level studio

Send me your tracks and I will send you a final mix

I can help you get your songs mixed and sounding great

Your songs will be mixed by Steve Perkins on the D&R Octagon analog console using Pro Tools HD in Inspiration Studios acoustically tuned control room with precise monitoring to insure your mixes translate well and sound great on all systems.

Mixing Rates


1 Song

6,000 PHP ($120 USD)

                  Send me a message to talk about your mix


Online Mixing Information

  • You need to make the payment before I start the mix.
  • As soon as I receive your payment I will give you the estimated day you will receive your mix.
  • Send me the files using  We Transfer
  • Send the files to..
  •  Include your contact information and any special instructions for your mix.


1 – Export all your tracks with the same start and ending points. Properly name them like this.. Kick, Snare, Bass etc.!.  (Do not export Mono tracks as Stereo tracks) 

2 – Create folders for each song including the bounced tracks. Include the song bpm. Include Mix Notes in the folder.
To receive the best quality none of the tracks should be clipping. Its best to keep headroom between -3 and -6db. Wav files are preferred.

3 – Include a ruff mix of the song.

4 – All the editing and vocal tuning should be done before you send me the song. (If I think the song needs more editing or vocal tuning I will advise) If you want me to edit tracks or tune vocals I bill at my normal hourly rate.

5 – If you want special effects or want something to sound a certain way please include notes. Record / Bounce tracks for virtual instruments, plugins or effects you are using if you want that effect in the final mix.

6 – After I mix the song I will send it to you for your approval. You need to approve or ask for revisions within 12 hours. If I do not hear from you within 12 hours I will consider the mix final and that you do not want any revisions.

7 – The price includes one revision, I want you to be happy with your mix! Revisions are minor changes you might want to make, like turn up the lead vocal, or turn down the solo etc..

8 – After the mix is approved I will send you a Stereo 24 bit 44.1 Wav File.                    

(if you want your mix at different sample rate let me know before I start the mix)   Let me know before I start If you require any additional mixes like Instrumental, Acappella, etc.

If you have any questions please ask,  I want you to be happy with your mix.